We believe that it takes hard work to be successful. In our experience, a project’s success can’t be credited to the bank that financed it but it can be attributed to the person whose foresight, determination, and effort saw it through from concept to reality. Whether you are trying your hand at flipping for the first time or have ground-up developments under your belt, we look forward to getting to know you as an individual, not just the story your credit report tells. We offer financing under the parameters below.

Lending Parameters:

Geography: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Security: First Mortgage
Loan Types: Acquisitions, Ground-Up Construction, Fix and Flips, Bridge Loans and Refinancing
Property Type: Single and Multi-Family Homes, Condominiums, Land and Commercial Properties
Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied
Loan Amounts: up to $1,500,000
Loan Terms: 6 – 18 months
Loan to Value: Maximum 75% at completion
Borrowers Equity: Minimum 10% of Overall Project Cost
Interest Rate: 10-12%
Origination Fee: 2%
Closing Time: 7-10 Days

The Process

Step 1: Application

Call us to discuss your project or submit an initial loan request online to get the conversation started. As we get to know you, your experience and the project, our team will be able to determine if Max Mortgage is right for you and walk you through the next steps of our funding process.

Step 2: Underwriting

Unlike the lengthy and highly regulated underwriting process at traditional banks, Max Mortgage’s underwriting process takes a fraction of the time. We will personally perform necessary due diligence in just a few days. After reviewing all of the pertinent documentation, conducting a site visit and internal project underwriting to determine Max Mortgage is a fit, we’ll be as invested as you are and issue a formal commitment letter.

Step 3: Closing

Within 7-10 days from receiving your completed application, we will finalize the paperwork and logistics so your funds can be immediately available to you upon closing.

Step 4: Servicing

Our business was built on personal relationships which is why we service loans in-house. Our investment doesn’t just end at your project, our investment is in you and we look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship. To ensure you have readily available information at your fingertips, our Borrowers have access to their loan information via the industry-leading software from The Mortgage Office®. Convenient and transparent, you’re able to check your loan status, make payments or request a draw from your computer or smartphone.

Work Together

Max Mortgage delivers a streamlined application process and fast local direct financing to New England developers, investors and builders.

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